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Major Classification Documentation
Manufacturer Electronics Australia
Model EDUC 8
Type Construction Manual
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Main Introduction

Edge Connectors 1

Edge Connectors 2
Comments Consolidated reprint booklet for the EDUC 8 computer as appearing in Electronics Australia Aug 1974 to Aug 1975.
The circuit boards for this project can still be obtained from RCS in Australia.
I am currently having a lot of trouble sourcing the 16 pin and 32 pin edge connectors that are needed on the motherboard.
These were probably very common and cheap back in 1974 - but are hard to find now.
I would even be happy with something that is twice the reqired pitch and I could snip out every second pin.
The pins are staggered and 0.312 inch apart along each side (or 0.156 spacing if you project lines across the connector)
Recently I rechecked this and came up with a spacing of 0.300 inch - which is a pity because 0.156 spacing edge connectors are at least available from "Swallow" in the UK
The Image "Edge Connectors 1" is a scan of a physical circuit board with a ruler along side for calculating dimensions.
The Image "Edge Connectors 2" is a diagram showing how the edge connectors are positioned on the board

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Owned By Tony Epton
Acquired From Rob Trouchet 1997