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Major Classification Hardware
Manufacturer Digital Equipment Corporation
Type Sub Assembly
Description Digital to Analog Converter in Dec 340 Display
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Modules from Fan Side

Modules from Plug Side

Resistors Module Detail

Wire wound resistors just visible behind fan

Resistor Module Detail

Resistor Module before removing side panel

Resistor Module - bugs kept away

Wire wound resistors - Detail

Heat sink module detail

Heat sink module - PCB exposed

Heat sink module - Transistors detail - 1

Heat sink module - Transistors detail - 2

Heat sink module - Transistors detail - 3
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  • Comments The DAC consists of 3 modules.
    From Left to Right:
    Resistor Network, transistors on heatsinks, Resistor network

    Each resistor network contains 12 wire wound resistors - giving a total of 24.

    The heat sink module contains 4 sets by 7 transistors where one of the seven transistors is mounted and circuited differently.
    This suggests 4 by 6 transistors - again 24.

    Hence 24 bits = 10 bits for X, 10 bits for Y , 3 bits for intensity, 1 spare ?

    Some of the wire wound resistors appear to have lost their insulation - suggesting short circuits.

    Fans suggest huge amount of cooling needed.
    Owned By Tony Epton
    Acquired From Resource Recycling 1997