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Major Classification Hardware
Manufacturer Digital Equipment Corporation
Model 340
Type Screen - Vector
Description Display System
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Front View


Rear View


Covers Off

Light Pen

Lower Power Supply

Wiring Loom

System Modules

System Modules

CRT from Rear

CRT from RHS

PDP 6 at Maynard

PDP 6 at UWA

PDP 6 before decommissioning

Light Pen Exploded
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    Comments Somehow this comes out looking very shiny and new in all the photo's - but believe me - it isn't

    System Modules (from Left to Right - looking from rear) are:

    4604 - Pulse Amplifier
    1705 - CRT Bias and Focus
    4688 - Variable Amplifier Neg Intensifier
    1567 - Display Preamplifier
    1575 - Sample and Hold
    4604 - Pulse Amplifier
    6106 - Inverter
    6113 - Diode
    1304 - Delay
    1579 - Feed Forward
    1575 - Sample and Hold
    1567 - Display Preamplifier
    6113 - Hack - "I/O Drivers"
    6113 - Hack - "Power Board"

    The black and white photo's are courtesy of Alex Reid
    (see link below) and show the PDP 6 that the 340 was attached to
    at the University of Western Australia.
    Comment from John Bennett
    Hello I'm intrigued by the "Light Pen exploded" on the DEC display. Not something I would want to happen while I was using it :-)
    Owned By Tony Epton
    Acquired From Resource Recycling 1997
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