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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Transfer of ownership of items from Wireless Hill to ACMS WA
Date 2012-Apr-27
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Processor / Operator consol

Rack of System Modules

Valve control module
Comments These items will be moved from Wireless Hill to ACMS storage in Mundaring starting at 9.00 am 27th April.

I will bring my utility, double axle car trailer, planks for a ramp on to the trailer, a new tarpaulin and ropes.

I need a couple of fit young lads to carefully lift the valve device on to the back seat of a sedan.

If no one turns up I can probably move the items on my own but I would really appreciate some help

Items to be moved:

  • PDP 6 Processor ? / Operators console cabinet
  • Rack of DEC system modules
  • Valve based Industrial Control module ?

The PDP main cabinet is double width with castors but the ground clearance is minimal so it is going to stick while being pushed up the ramp on to the trailer.

The rack of system modules feels to be about 60 Kg and I can lift it with the winch up trollery.

The valve module seems to be about 40 Kg