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Event Type Acquisitions
Description ErikB would like to swap some core memory with us.
Date 2006-May-29
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Our G609 core memory module (from Rollie Baldock)

CDC core stack that Erik is offering in exchange
Comments EricB has contacted me offering to swap his CDC 6600 core stack for our DEC G609 core stack
Personally I am in favour of the swap as:
(1) We do not have any machine that needs the G609
(2) It would increase the number of working PDP-8/S machines somewhere in the world
(3) The CDC core memory is probably a more valuable artefact than the G609 stack

If you are interested - our correspondence to date is listed below:

From ErikB to Tony Epton 29/5/2006
Dear sir,

I'm currently restoring a PDP-8/S computer that's pretty complete
*except* for it's core stack - a G609 module. I found your pages
when I searched the web for a replacement.

Is there any way I can get you guys to part with it ? :-) Maybe
there's something in particular that you're looking for.


From Tony Epton to ErikB 30/5/2006
Hi Erik

Unfortunately I don't think we would really be willing to part with the
G609 - it's a rather rare animal, and donated to us by one of our members
who has since died.
If you have anything really enticing to swap - give us a go - but I'd need
to run it past the committee.
I'll have an informal chat with some of the members in the meantime.

Best wishes

From ErikB to Tony Epton 31/5/2006
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your willingness to at least discuss it. I think I can
make you guys an offer you can't refuse :-) I happen to have this
CDC 6600 stack in my collection:


It's a beautiful intact stack from a very significant system, but
since I don't have a CDC 6600 to plug it into... The fact this
deal would help bringing back to life a PDP-8 could persuade some
of the members of the committee.


From Tony Epton to ErikB 1/6/2006
Hi Erik,

It will probably take me a week to talk to other club members.
Got a rough idea what year the CDC ram comes from ?

Best wishes
Tony Epton

From ErikB to Tony Epton 2/6/2006
Dear Tony,

It's of similar vintage as the DEC stack and has 12 planes of core
memory. Here's a page with a little more info: