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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Chris Oakeley collection
Participants 3 Manhours - Chris Oakeley, Tony Epton
Date 2005-Aug-20
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The Oakeley family in front of the studio

Some of the items in Chris's Collection

Some more items

More items

What does this go with ?

"Kitt" Keyboard

"Kitt" Processor - what are the specs for this ?

Xebec Clone - what are the specs for this ?

Clone - what are the specs for this ?

VT100 - what does this go with ?

Altos with twin 5.25 in floppies

Micro 1 (PDP11/35 compatible) & Plessey RK05

closer view

SendData Accoustic Modem

Decwriter III

Copal Printer


Atari 2600

another Atari 2600
Comments Chris had built up a nice personal collection that he was storing in his office / studio.
Having decided to use his studio for a different purpose - he was happy to pass his collection on to us.