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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Rescue of several machines from Rollie's place - part 2
Date 2004-Nov
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The processor cabinet - rescued already in Feb

Rescued Drive Cabinet tucked up in the barn

Here tis

4 x 5.25 SCSI drives in each bay - othewise - Air!

Bad photo of processor cabinet

Processor and drive cabinets tucked up together
Comments Almost all of this was achieved in Feb 2004 (thank you to the many volunteers who helped) but one lone cabinet was left behind due to lack of room on the transport vehicles
Nine months later, having got the barn in to some semblance of order - I felt ready to fit this one last cabinet in with its partner. This was the McDonnel Douglas disk drive cabinet that belonged with the previously rescued processor cabinet.

Friday night - the weather forecast was 'rain Saturday, fine Sunday' - so I planned to go on Sunday.
Saturday morning dawned bright and clear - with dark clouds in the distance
For some reason I felt it was important to go that day
When I arrived I found Rollie's family on site - the block had been split in two as part of the estate settlement - one half of the family was keeping the house for rental and cleaning it out - the other half of the family was selling their part of the block
While I was working on the cabinet, a family member popped their head around the door and said something like
"It's a good thing you're removing this today because we have someone coming tomorrow to look at demolishing this shed"
I rang up Paul Repacholi (who lives 3 minutes away from Rollie's) for assistance to lift the cabinet on to my little truck - he never turned up - apparently he fell asleep again (it's always a mistake to call Paul before 1.00 pm - he's never truly awake)
So it looked like I was on my own, with rain suddenly closing in !
I stripped the cabinet right down to its stainless steel subframe and removed the drive assemblies (about 40 Kg) each.
One of the family members lifted the disk drives on to the front seat of my truck for me
I was just able to slide the subframe across from the shed to my truck across some planks, laid all the panels flat on the tray and covered everything up with a tarpaulin
I made it home safely in the rain and during the next few days cleaned up all the components and reassembled the cabinet.