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Event Type Acquisitions
Description DEC Alpha 2100 from Johann Melvill, TIWEST
Participants 10 Manhours - Johann Melvill, Alun Jones, Laurie Anderson, Tony Epton
Date 2004-Jul-1
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Johann Melvill and Alun Jones at Tiwest

Johann with 2100 loaded

Tucked up in the barn

Lot's of nice removeable hard drives (wiped)

Lot's of nice installation media

DEC Storage Towers
Comments Received an email from Johann Melvill offering a DEC Alpha that was decommissioned 3 years before.
Picked up the machine on July 8th (rainy day) from their corporate headquarters in Technology Park with help from Johann, Alun Jones and Laurie Anderson.
Laurie got there way before I did (I got confused by their front door lock mechanism and couldn't even find my way in to their office).
Very nice machine in very good condition plus many removeable disk drives, installation media and documentation.
The 2nd photograph shows Johann smiling at the thought of not having to maintain the machine any more.
Many thanks to the folks at TIWEST.