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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Memorex 1174 from Bevan Harris, Suncorp
Date 2005-Apr-24
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In Sun Corp storage area

In Sun Corp storage area

On the truck, back at the barn

Under the covers

Tucked away on a shelf in the barn

Configuration Floppies
Comments Bevan Harris of Sun Corp sent me an email offering a Memorex 1174 cluster controller - it was used to control a number of dot matrix printers for mainframe printing
I popped in to 66 St Georges Tce on Thursday 28th, after a books data entry session at Department of Justice, and Bevan loaded it up for me
I remember working with the IBM 3274 controllers when I was with Health Department many years ago.
Bevan kindly mailed me the configuration floppies a few days later (stored in AceWare Office).
Many Thanks Bevan !
Thanks also to Andrew Williams for referring Bevan to us.