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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Hardware Donations from Richard Martyn
Date 2004-Jan
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1..Dual cards

2..Quad cards

3..Core Memory cards

4..Wire Wrapped cards

5..Hex Cards

6..2 Kaypros
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  • Storage Facilities - Assistance from Senson Technology - Corrosion Protection
  • Comments Apparently Richard Martyn attempted to contact us back in 2000 when we were shifting and we never got back in touch with him. So we missed out on quite a few nice machines.

    These are the bits and pieces still left over.

    1..Dual boards:

    685B499 Modem
    M8044AB 32K * 16 bit ram
    M7270 LSI 11-CPU

    2..Quad Cards

    4 x DCU modem 708345

    3..Core Memory Cards

    Microway Systems - unopened
    2 x 16K core
    2 x 32K core

    4..Wire Wrapped Cards

    Commercial Ram PSM512
    685B569U01 x 3
    685B563U01 x 2

    5..Hex Cards

    M7079 Cache
    M7096 MFM
    M7094 Datapath
    M7098 Unibus Control
    National Semiconductors RAM
    Dual LOP controller

    6..Kaypro x 2