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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Rescue of several machines from Rollie's place
Date 2004-Feb-1
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John Newman cleaning down the KL10 front end

LHS-Ivor Stockwell, Lex Cunningham, Tony Epton

The old shed - rest of the cabinets

From LHS - Tom Hunter, Paul Repacholi

Eddie Speed pointing at something

Eddie getting crushed by a cabinet :-)

David Blackely

From LHS-Tom Hunter,Paul Repacholi,David Blackely

From LHS - John, David, Eddie, Ivor, Laurie

Much Learned Discussion

David Blakely's very useful vehicle

Oh ! And a cabinet
Comments Several machines needed to be removed from Rollie's property, back to the barn, due to settlement of his estate coming up in the next few months:

1) KL10 front end - originally from John Newman. Rollie was working on replacing the missing DecTape logic boards at the time of his death.
2) Various rack mount hard drives (in temporary storage)
3) Pyramid computer (in temporary storage) - originally from David Blackely
4) McDonnel Douglas machine (in temporary storage) - originally from Edith Cowan

A very good turn out of volunteers !
Many thanks to everyone for transporting all the miscellaneous items in their vehicles and for their valiant efforts.