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Event Type Acquisitions
Description Various DEC equipment from Bob Bridgeman
Participants Laurie Anderson, Lex Cunningham, Tony Epton
Date 2002-Oct-1
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PDP 11/84

CDC Tape Drive
Comments Laurie received a call from Bob Bridgeman that he was about to throw out a lot of gear - and come and get it if we want it.

Laurie visited Bob's home and spotted 6 various cabinets and many boxes of PCB's and cables.

By the time Lex and Tony got there the next day - there were only two cabinets left - a CDC 6250 bpi tape drive and a PDP 11/84

Lex and Tony loaded up the cabinets and a wide variety of PCB's
Just about every kind of DEC and Emulex device driver board appears to have been collected by Bob Bridgeman.
These have now all been carefully bagged (antistatic) and entered in to the web database - look under manufacturer DEC and you will see a long list of PCB's

The 11/84 is currently sitting in the software shed and hopefully should not take too much work to get it going again.