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Hardware - For Disposal in Mundaring June 2003

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The Mundaring Shire Council has transferred 24 obsoleted machines (processor box, mouse, keyboard, NO screen) to ACMS WA on the understanding that these machines be redistributed to community organisations and deserving individuals within the Mundaring Shire.
We are very short of VGA or super VGA screens to pair up with the processor boxes - so any donations appreciated.
All machines have had their disk drives wiped
In order to avoid copyright issues we intend to install linux and open office org on each machine.
If you are a community organisation or individual in the Mundaring Shire then please click on the "contact us" link on the LHS of this web page and send us an email.
If you wish, you can tell us the Serial Number of the machine you are after. Otherwise we will allocate to you the best machine remaining in the list.
First in - Best Dressed !


Digital Equipment Corporation

Hewlett Packard