2016-Sep-17 - UK Trip 2016 - Stogumber Village to Port Isaac - Saturday
When we told our host that we were popping over to Port Isaac (where Doc Martin is filmed) he giggled hysterically.

Apparently it was much further away than we anticipated.

It turned out it was two and a half hours away.

Not really a big deal for us as we are not fazed by long drives.

We were on the M5 motorway for much of the drive and this was the easier part.

It was more when we came on to the smaller A roads that we needed to concentrate.

These are narrow and winding with hedges either side and a 60 miles per hour hedge row.

The final section of road in to Port Isaac was very narrow and winding and we are still convinced that the sat nav was making some strange choices.

As I expected, the parking inside the town was very restricted and we needed to park either in a major car park about a mile before the town or in a cliff side car park just on the other side of town.

Because Linda was driving, and she is not afraid to nose her way in to car parks and park in tiny spaces, we ended up at the cliff side park after fighting with other drivers as spaces became available.

We took the cliff side walkway down in to the harbour area that is featured so often in the TV series.

I know a lot of the scenes were filmed elsewhere but we did manage to identify a few of the locations that we see on TV - Doc Martin's house, the harbour, the pharmacy.

We had a very expensive lunch at a restaurant.

Getting back to the car park was a fair old drama for Linda - she had to walk a bit and rest a bit.

There was not bus or shuttle service and I dared not attempt to bring the car down in to the village.

We saw a few other tourists attempt it and they ended up sitting stuck in a queue for twenty minutes.

Doc Martin's house

The pharmacy

The narrow winding streets

The harbour as seen from Doc Martin's house

The cliff walk way from the car park