2016-Sep-6 - UK Trip 2016 - Getting Mobile, Banbury - Tuesday
This was not a good experience.

The service desk only had 3 persons and the queue moved very slowly.

The deal we were sold was very misleading.

By the time we added a second driver, basic insurance and excess waiver - we were paying triple the original quoted price - even though we were told that these were included in the original quoted price.

I will not say who we hired from until we have safely received our bond money back.

Getting out of Heathrow and on to the A25 was also an ordeal.

We were told of ways to do this easily by several people but none of these corresponded with the real road system.

Linda directed me backwards and forwards according to written notes she had made dictated to her by the service prsonnel but none of this led us anywhere.

Eventually I lost patience and did it my way, according to what I could see on Google maps on my phone.

This involved navigating through two huge, scary, intersecting round abouts making last minute lane changes as I read the road signs.

Pretty scary stuff considering that I had only been driving the hire car for 20 minutes.

Once on the A25 and eventually the A40 it was pretty easy to navigate to Banbury (a bit north of Oxford) .

The guest house was pleasant and the town boasts fame for Banbury Cakes and "ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross".

In the evening we headed down to a large pedestrian mall area, sought out an old pub and indulged in a genuine pub meal with local beer.

The famous Banbury Cross statue

The pedestrian mall