2010-Mar-28 - Mundaring Free Cycle - Items from Caravan
We have obtained a caravan through free cycle and I am now in the process of stripping it out and making repairs.

The following items seem too good just to take to the tip.

  • Refrigerator - combined gas / electrical - note - this does not have a compressor like your ordinary kitchen refrigerator - it more operates on the principle of your old kerosene fridge - it uses a heat source - either a gas flame or an electrical heater element. I have plugged it in but cannot feel any heat from the element - so don't know if it could be made to work. Rusty - will need rubbing back and respraying.
  • Small sink with pump action tap and water storage tank. (tank is currently slung under trailer - you will need to undo some brackets to remove it)
  • Small gas stove
  • Small electrical hot plate with kettle
  • Various foam mattress shapes - will need airing and some covers will need discarding. Two of each of the following sizes - 1200 x 340, 1200 x 620, 1600 x 640, 1800 x 740

Refrigerator - 1

Refrigerator - 2

Refrigerator - 3

Refrigerator - 4

Small Sink with pump action

And Water Tank

Gas Stove

Electric Element