2010-Jan-2 - Our Place - Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioner - Replace Bearings
The fan housing seems to be a very hostile environment for the electric motor bearings (or the motor is underdesigned for the application)

At best, we seem to get 2 years use out of the airconditioner before the bearings lock up.

The first two times the motor was replaced under warranty.

Then we paid $340 ourselves the next time.

Following on from that, the next time it failed, I finally I twigged that all it needed was a set of $18 bearings replaced.

This is the second time I've replaced the bearings myself - so that's 5 failures in 11 years.

It's about an hour to pull the motor out and break it down, and about an hour to put it back in again.

Of course - it always seems to fail over the Christmas / New Year break.

Fortunately we have a little "through window" unit that just manages to keep the house bearable while the main unit is out of action for a few days.

Bearing part number is NTN 6202 LLU/2AS

In the last image, the wires entering from the right of the picture are from the motor cable.

Fan unit removed from housing

Motor on mounting brackets

Identification plate

Wiring - black wire to capacitor

Wiring - earth, active, neutral