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2016-Sep-10 - UK Trip 2016 - Outside Marina to Napton - Saturday
This was a pretty shitty day weather wise - just continuous drizzle.

We pretty much decided to hunker down for the day.

I decided to walk up the towpath under an umbrella and see what the mooring situation was like at the Folly pub.

This took me about an hour each way.

I found the position closest to the pub (so Linda would not have to walk far) and checked out the pub and shop.

Once I was back at the boat, Linda cut head and arm holes out of a bin liner and I donned this over bathers (we hadn't had a chance to buy any wet weather gear).

We set off and reached the Folly pub at about 3.00 pm.

Unfortunately the position I was hoping to use was taken.

I had a choice of trying to reverse back passed 8 boats (a skill I don't yet have) or moor in a slightly naughty position in front of this boat on a bit of a curve.

From this point on, our interaction at the pub was a tale of woe.

It turned out that we were too late for lunch and all the dinner tables were already booked.

We were desperate for a meal so headed back to the Napton shop where we were pleasantly surprised by the variety on offer in their café and the helpful attitude of everyone there.

This was a rather hard walk for Linda but she managed to make both ways.

After that back to the pub for a beer. Our luck improved at this point - a table booking had been cancelled so we were able to have a pub dinner after all.

We talked to quite a few people, including a familly that had lived in Australia for a while.

Everyone seems to have a dog. Whippets seem very popular.

Me in my "wet weather gear"

The little lane on the way to Napton shops