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2012-Jun-10 - France Trip 2012 - Paris to Perth (Sunday / Monday)
I had not been looking forward to this trip as the Perth to Paris journey at the beginning of our holiday almost drove me mad.

I decided to try imbibing a continuous dose of scotch and coke to achieve just the right level of inebriation so that the journey would be tolerable.

We took a taxi from our hotel to the airport around midday, lodged our large suitcases, cleared the security checks and headed in to the departure area.

We settled on the strategy of grabbing a table in a café near the departure gate and indulging in food and drinks over a number of hours while reading an English newspaper.

We eventually boarded around 3.00 pm and arrived in Dubai a little after midnight.

This first leg of the trip was very comfortable - we were in one of the newer 380 air buses and the seating seemed to be about 20% more generous that our previous encounters.

We received the second segment boarding pass while in Paris but it did not show a gate so we had to hunt around for an information desk to know where we should be waiting.

No seating was available at gate 216 so we wandered up to gate 215 until we found somewhere to wait out the next hour.

We boarded around 1.00 am Dubai time and started the tedious 10 hour flight back to Perth.

We were surrounded by screaming children and again we were in cattle class.

Again food and movie entertainment were good but it was only the slow steady imbibing of scotch and coke that kept me sane.

I might have dozed for an hour perhaps but really we went for 36 hours without any sleep.

Ian Chalmers very kindly picked us up at the airport and brought us home.