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2012-Jun-9 - France Trip 2012 - Last day in Paris (Saturday)
Laurent told me the previous night the best directions to reach Versailles from Paris.

I forgot most of the detail, but once we pulled out the familiar Paris metro map it came back to me.

Versailles, when first created, would have been one or two days ride from Paris by horse and coach.

However, now it is merely a western suburb of Paris.

We bought return zone 4 tickets for the journey.

From Gare De Lyon to Versailles took about about 40 minutes.

The main feature of Versailles is queueing.

We queued at Mac Donalds to use the toilets (for some reason none available at the railway station).

Then we queued at the ticket office to by entry tickets to the chateau and gardens.

Then a 10 minute walk to the entrance and a half hour wait to enter the chateau.

I won't even attempt to trot out a list of superlatives for the king's chambers - you really need to watch a video to get a feel for the spectacle.

We spent an hour or two in the gardens looking at the broad vistas and fountains.

We left by a different exit from the gardens and I became lost and tired and spat the dummy.

Fortunately Linda kept everything together and guided us back to the correct railway station.

This was overflowing with visitors attempting to depart Versailles at closing time.

All too much for me so we crossed over the road to a restaurant to have a meal and coffee for a few hours until the crowds dissipated.

After this the return journey was easy and we turned in to prepare ourselves for the flight back to Perth tomorrow.

Entrance to palace

Lots of tourist buses in the carport

The queue to get in

Entrance gates


Inside the courtyard

Hall of Mirrors

Kings chambers

Gardens and Fountains