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2012-Jun-7 - France Trip 2012 - Third day in Nice (Thursday)
I woke up today with my injured knee and hand still very sore.

I'm obviously not bouncing back as quickly as I would like.

I must have been overusing my injured knee then last few days.

Need to have a low use day.

Linda said she was quite happy to have a real "do nothing" day - I had intended to catch a train to one of the nearby towns mentioned on the Nice tourist map. I think we will abandon that plan.

So far we have spent about 4 hours today sitting in cafes and reading newpapers and novels.

The markets above the car parks are quite amazing.

In the morning they are selling flowers and spices.

Mid afternoon they pack up and the cafes take over the same area and spread their seating out.

Market stalls packing up

A convoy of vans removes the market products

The pavement is washed down

The cafes start setting out their tables & chairs

We spent many hours lazing around in a café