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2012-Jun-5 - France Trip 2012 - First day in Nice (Tuesday)
Expensive but excellent buffet breakfast.

Lady at next table recommended the double decker bus tour.

Bought hats so we wouldn't fry on tour.

Very good 1.25 hour trip taking in many interesting sites.

Feeling more positive about Nice now.

Decided to go around second time and get off at harbour.

Disagreed with Linda as to which stop we should have got off on.

Stopped for a coffee looking over harbour.

Jets laying chem trails - sky started off completely clear and covered in artificial clouds by the end of the day.

Walked back hotel via Rue Gariabaldi and then a rabbits warren of crowded busy back streets.

Checked our bank balances on the web.

Linda was very upset to find that two declined cash card transactions (36 Eur each) for the bus tour had in fact been charged to our card.

Went to talk to bus driver - very helpful - called his boss who checked transactions and told us money had not reached him.

More hassles to sort out when we get home.

Had pizza, Cod and Vegetables at an Italian Restaurant - very good.

Using google maps we found a laundromat and spent several hours of the evening washing our clothes.

View from the breakfast room


Tony perving down the tops of young woman from bus

The bay and promenade

The promenade

The boat harbour


A Labyrinth

Tony anticipating the arrival of his pizza