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2012-Jun-2 - France Trip 2012 - Fifth Day in Avignon (Saturday)
Linda had difficulty getting up at 8.00 am so we agreed that I would do my usual breakfast, read English newspapers while she slept in for another hour or so.

By the time I was back she was up and ready for the day's events.

Today we had decided to go to Villeneuve lez Avignon - only in europe could they call a 500 year old city "New Avignon"

This is a later version of Avignon on the other side of the river.

We took the number 11 bus near one of the modern bridges outside the old city walls and jumped off by guesswork about 5 minutes later.

By luck we had arrived on a market day - I think for antiques.

The whole car park was filled with table upon table of interesting items - unfortunately none of them would fit very well in my back pack.

After spending an hour here we dragged ourselves up to the entrance of Saint-Andre Fort just in time for the 12.00 closing.

We sat around and talked to some other tourists for about an hour and a half and eventually bought tickets and entered the fort.

This involved some pretty steep climbing up and down the ramparts and through the various levels of the protective walls.

Next we spent at least two hours wandering around the gardens of the Saint Andre Abbey and eventually back down to a simple café at the bottom of the hill.

After a quick snack of sausage sandwich and a beer to fortify us we caught the bus back to the old city.

Entrance to Fort Saint Andre

Inside the walls of the fort

Arrow slit seen from inside the fort wall

The Chapel inside the fort

On top of the battlements

Looking in to the abbey from the ramparts

The Abbey gardins