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2012-Jun-1 - France Trip 2012 - Fourth Day in Avignon (Friday)
A real museum day today.

We visited in quick succession:

The archaeology museum - Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Gallo-Roman collections.

The Calvet museum - 15th to 20th century furnishings, bronzes, paintings.

The Natural Science museum

The Louis Vouland museum - 17th & 18th furnishings, gold work, tapestries, paintings.

The Pawn Shop / Silk Conditioning Museum

By 5.30 pm this put us near the foot of the cathedral gardens and we hauled ourselves up via the back steps to the gardens and the café we visited several days earlier.

We found a seat next to the small pond and watched the mother duck attempting to shepard her twelve ducklings that must have hatched the day before.

We spent a very relaxed couple of hours having a few beers and an evening meal as the sun set over Avignon.

Then a stroll back to our hotel room through crowds of locals sporting their best evening dress on their way to attend a musical event.

The racing through the novels we were reading until suddenly realising that it was 2.00 am in the morning and going to bed.

We finally cracked today and asked the hotel for a fan.

This worked a treat - we could close the windows and completely seal ourselves off from the street noise.

The fan kept the air moving in our room to keep us cool and avoid any sensation of breathlessness

Archaeology museum

Calvet museum

"I'll have what she's having"

Courtyard at the Calvet museum