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2012-May-31 - France Trip 2012 - Third Day in Avignon (Thursday)
A bit of a mundane homely day to day.

I remember when I was travelling many years ago, that sometimes you just have to spend a quiet day in a hotel room just doing the ordinary things you would do at home.

It's still partway through Thursday as I write this.

Linda is feeling a bit crook still from her bee sting and is having a long lie in.

We've become acclimatised to the hustle and bustle of the city around us at night and we are now sleeping pretty well.

While Linda was sleeping in, I found my English newspapers as usual, had a petit dejeuner at one of the nearby cafes and then visited the "Little Palace" and the attached museum.

Because I was running a bit late I only had about an hour and a half to view all the amazing art works so I tended to gloss over each gallery quickly.

It is a long time since I have visited a European museum stuffed with priceless works of art and at first I found it disconcerting to be shadowed by my own security / observer person.

Photographs without flash were allowed and I have attached a few sample images of the beautiful iconography below.

After Linda was up we walked down to the free ferry departure point near the Pont D'Avignon and took the 40 second ride across to the island in the middle of the Rhone.

This little ferry is great. It's free, electric and runs every 15 minutes.

After my early boating experiences the other week I was very interested to see how they deal with the fierce current and how they dock at each jetty.

They made it look very easy which annoyed me somewhat.

That evening I watched way too much television in our room - both episodes of "Hot Shots" with a very young Charlie Sheen, in French.

Meanwhile Linda and I have been poaching the same murder mystery book we found down in the hotel lobby.

We are taking turns to read it so Linda was quite happy that I was watching TV - it gave her a chance to get in to it.

Exhibits at the "Little Palace"

The café at the "Little Palace"

The little ferry

Avignon seen from the island