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2012-May-30 - France Trip 2012 - Second Day in Avignon (Wednesday)
We had a very,very lazy day today.

We arose very late (traffic noise still driving me a little bit crazy - a choice between bedlam or having an airless room - leaving one window open 40 cm seems to be the ideal trade off) and had breakfast at 10.00 am.

I felt like we had worn out our welcome at yesterday's café so we went to the one next door to it.

Then a look around the main cathedral (amazing) and a steep walk up to the raised garden area next door.

These gardens give a view over Avignon. There is a moss filled grotto and a small lake with ducks and Koi.

We found yet another café next to the lake, in the shade, with a friendly smiling waiter.

We must have spent 3 to 4 hours here having coffee and cake and eventually lunch while reading English newspapers.

Later we found an area of lawn shaded by an olive tree and fell asleep on the grass for an hour or two.

Finally we wandered back to the hotel.

Linda spent about 3 hours filling in Expedia survey forms about the hotels, towns and sites we had visited so far.

I watched C & N (because it was in English) and also the French local equivalent of "Funniest Home Videos" which can be enjoyed in any language

Pope's Palace, cathedral & steps up to the garden

Heading up to the gardens

A relaxing time in the gardens at the coffee shop