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2012-May-27 - France Trip 2012 - Sixth Day in Narbonne (Sunday)
Slept in.

Ate breakfast (the big salad place from a few days before) - croisant, bun, jam, coffee.

Had bought two English Sunday papers so had a really good read while in the café.

Walked around the markets near Les Halles.

Bought some batiks from Northern India.


Navigated to the Narbonne beach.

No parking - several thousand other people have the same idea. Drove up and down for 20 minutes until we found a parking place.

Lack of public toilets ! In a 400 metre stretch of beach, with probably 2000 people on the beach, only one public toilet with one cubicle and one urinal.

I think the locals must pee while in the water !

Ate again - local equivalent of fish and chips with salad - very tasty.

Crepe, cream and icecream - very naughty.

We were undercharged! Had to go back to the counter to tell them they had not charged us for everything.

Sat in the café and watched the local techniques for parking and finding a spot.

Got slightly lost coming back in to Narbonne but I was able to navigate us home using my trusty google maps + GPS on my phone.


Linda updated her Facebook pages.

At Narbonne beach