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2012-May-26 - France Trip 2012 - Fifth Day in Narbonne (Saturday)
Breakfast was a bruchette but very different from what we are used to.

After that - a second attempt to see the frog in the font of the church that we missed out on yesterday.

We navigated fairly well through the winding streets that we took yesterday.

A lovely church, sadly showing evidence of moisture damage to some of their most valuable artefacts.

We asked the security guard where the font with the frog was and he showed us, then asked us if we wanted to see the crypt under the church.

A small group of us traipsed down the steps to see stone coffins and stone graves from the 2nd century AD.

After this we slowly wandered back along the canal and found a very pleasant café that was happy to just serve us wine and coffee at mid morning.

We liked it so much that we stayed long enough to have lunch.

It was a beautiful day and Narbonne was finally showcasing itself to its fullest potential.

Linda reminded me that this was what I had been wanting to experience - a relaxed coffee in a café amongst brilliant architecture while reading an English newspaper.

Eventually after all this relaxation we headed back to our hotel room for a nap.

I then worked on these web pages for 3 hours while Linda went and did our laundry.

Eventually dinner late (8 pm) and then back to working on the web pages some more.

The frog in the font

Linda protesting against the smokers of France

Linda stops protesting and has a beer instead