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2012-May-25 - France Trip 2012 - Fourth Day in Narbonne (Friday)
We could have gone to the food hall but I was feeling like a naughty french breakfast.

I have got in to the habit now of picking up an English newspaper first thing each morning.

We went to a breakfast café in the main square and ordered a petit dejeuner - crosiant, bun, jam, coffee, orange juice - ie pretty much what the hotel provides but better coffee.

I fullfilled my ambition of relaxing in the french ambience, eating french food, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper.

After that, we were very close to the third museum we wished to visit - the "Horreum Romain".

We had a very interesting hour here going down in to the old subterranean storage area from 100 BC.

Next, we wanted to see the church with the frog carved in to the font.

We crossed the merchant bridge, wandered around, became slightly lost and eventually found the Basilique St Paul-Serge - but as usual we had turned up between 12 and 2 when everything is closed.

We will have to go back again tomorrow.

We headed back to our hotel room but stopped at the café where we had our enormous salad the other day - just for a coffee.

Then we planned a trip in the car with military precision - right down to the level of which exit to take at each roundabout and what road position.

We managed to do it exactly right, even though Linda was very stressed and was tooted at the entrance to one of the roundabouts.

We eventually navigated on to the A9, then the A61 and finally the A6111 to find our way to Lagrasse.

We were caught totally by surprise by the toll booths until we figured out that at the entry booth we merely took the ticket and at the exit booth we needed to insert the ticket and pay the amount shown.

We thought we had the system down pat but on the way back the payment booth refused to accept the ticket and we had to press the button for help.

The trip there was helped by being stuck behind a slow tractor on the A6111 - we were happy with this as it gave us a chance to think and look at the pretty country scenery.

We soon had a huge convey behind us but because it was not our fault we could relax.

As soon as any passing was possible on the narrow winding roads, the local crazy drivers roared through.

The trip back was also helped by a crash on the A61 which slowed traffic down to a reasonable thinking speed.

I found "Google Maps" plus GPS positioning on my Android phone to be absolutely invaluable - I was able to say things to Linda such as - "You will be coming to a roundabout in 200 metres, take the 4th exit " and so on.

We went to Lagesse to see the ancient abbey. It was a quiet medieval town with winding streets and an ancient cathedral (see images below).

Entrance to Roman ruins


In the abbey