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2012-May-24 - France Trip 2012 - Third Day in Narbonne (Thursday)
Breakfast was the same deal as as yesterday, plus I remembered to buy an english newspaper on the way so I had something to read over my coffee.

We managed to get to the lapidary museum by 11.00 am this time so had 1 hour to look around.

This consisted of a display of huge Roman grave stones that had been reformed in to a protective city wall in the 3rd century (see image below).

They also ran an audio visual presentation that was a bit cryptic but still very interesting.

We headed to the main square for a very pleasing seafood and salad lunch. I had grilled salmon, Linda had a seafood medley

While we were noshing away Linda noticed a mini "train" tour that leaves from the town square - ie a car disguised as a train pulling a number of wagons.

We had plenty of time to comfortably finish our lunch and take a seat in one of the carriages.

The train set off through narrow winding streets, threading its way between closely parked cars, pulling 5 wagons behind it. I don't know how the driver did it without scraping a wall or another vehicle.

Many of the sights we had already seen on foot but in addition we saw "The House of the Three Nurses" and "The Four Fountains".

After that I noticed that Orange had screwed up my mobile phone recharge the previous day - so all my voice credit suddenly disappeared - I had to go and pay another 25 Eur to set up voice and data credits again.

This is getting rather wearing and expensive and so far we have not found anyone with good enough english to explain what is going on. Also my French is not good enough to make any headway.

By now we had enough energy to tackle the Archaeological Museum. This has some very impressive wall plaster restorations and floor mosaics from the period when Narbonne was the main administrative city for the Roman occupation

. While we were in the museum Linda noticed a band preparing for a performance that evening. She was very curious about what they were doing and was constantly attempting to navigate in to the closed off court yard they were working in.

She stuck her head around a prohibited door and almost got in trouble - we had to walk around a corner very briskly to avoid be told off.

Next we walked up some steps past cloister gardens in to the cathedral of St Just Pasteur.

This was an amazing building with a very high choir floor.

By now it was near the end of the day. In order to have a cheap dinner we bought take away salad and a cheap bottle of champagne at the supermarket.

We combined this with two cans of tuna in oil and fresh cherries for an impromtu dinner in our hotel room.

After that we did a lot of reading and dozing while lying on our beds

The lapidary museum

The Merchants' Bridge

Entrance to cathedral and archaeological museum


Cloister vaulting

The cathedral