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2012-May-23 - France Trip 2012 - Second day in Narbonne (Wednesday)
This was a much more successful day !

A late start - left the hotel around 9.00 am - we seem to be slowing down more and more - hopefully just relaxing in to our holiday.

We headed down to the markets (Les Halles) near the canal and were confronted with a huge choice of fresh food and cooking.

We ended up buying a form of stewed chicken - one in olives, the other in prunes, plus something a bit like a formosa - to take away.

Table seating is a bit short, but we went to the nearby café/bar kiosk and asked if we could eat there if we bought a coffee.

They were very positive and even gave us napkins.

We had intended to view the lapidary museum but by the time we arrived there they were almost closing. (still haven't got the hang of business opening / closing times).

We wandered down to the main town square where I remembered that the internet portion on my mobile phone was about to expire.

I remembered spotting an Orange store on the main street a couple of days previously so I went in to recharge the credit (the voice credit can be recharged in the usual way by buying say 20 Eu credit at a tabac and then entering the 14 digit number. The internet portion involves dealing with a voice menu in French which I cannot understand - hence I always have to get the people in the Orange store to do it for me)

No one speaks much Englist so it is always a bit of a mime show and my school boy French is hardly up to the task.

The girl who helped us kept saying that the mobile number I was giving her was not valid for internet and it turns out that in the end she just put the credit against the voice service - this had dire consequences the next day.

After that we explored some new streets off the main square that we had not seen before.

We did not realise that one of the streets was called "The Merchants Bridge" - ie we had crossed the canal while walking past shops.

This totally confused us and led us to walk down all sorts of wrong streets because we thought the canal was still in front of us, not behind us.

As part of this wandering around, we found a café that looked like it was mainly for coffee and crepe (Le Cote Pub).

We engaged in coffee and various naughty sweet things (see photos below) Then we noticed it had salad on the menu. We had been particularly craving a salad so we decided to have a late lunch / early dinner.

We were brought huge platters of salad - a staggering amount of food.

We tried valiantly to eat it all but failed.

After that we staggered home where I worked on web pages while Linda had a snooze.

Outside the markets

Inside the markets

This is what a cappucinno looks like in France

Finally - a huge salad