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2012-May-20 - France Trip 2012 - Quiet day in Le Somail (Sunday)
Rain all day.

We could have motored on past Le Somail and further down the canal and back.

However, it was a bit of a wet miserable day and we decided to have some downtime and catch up with our FaceBook and web pages and just take it easy after all the excitement of the last week.

Linda popped out to find a canal boat with provisions, mentioned in our guide book. She returned with a baguette for breakfast.

After breakfast we had a look over the provisions barge.

Then we found an amazing bookshop - a very long deep store with a gallery level - all full of second hand books, posters and paintings.

Linda said it was enough to make her settle down and learn French.

Next, a bit of a walk around the village - the main activity seems to be restaurants for the tourists.

We wandered in to one to have coffee and cheese cake while watching the canal.

Then back to the boat to work on our web pages, read books and eat lunch.

I was determined to use the bicycles we had hired. Linda wasn't too keen. So I set off on my own.

I chose the wrong side of the canal (one side is muddy, the other is surfaced with blue metal) and soon my tyres were covered in mud.

I ducked back under two bridges, crossed over to the other side, but was only able to ride a couple of kilometres before the rain set in again.

I sheltered under the bridges for a while and bolted back to the boat where I dried off and changed in to dry clothes.

For some reason, we both acquired a craving for a "grilled chop and 3 veg" so went looking around the black boards at the restaurants until we found the nearest local equivalent.

We went in to eat but were told that they didn't open for dinner for another two hours.

We decided to make a start on cleaning down the boat deck prior to returning the boat on Monday.

Linda got completely soaked scrubbing on her hands and knees and it was pretty much impossible to get on and off the boat without tracking in more mud.

I cleaned up the bicycles and returned them to the Nicols boat hire office, then scrubbed down some of the stern section.

By now the restaurant was open and we indulged in the local version of our craving.

Absolutely delicious with baked garlic cloves on the side, carrot, asparagus, tiny baked potatoes.

Baguette for breakfast

View from our boat

The provisions barge

One of the little bridges over the canal