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2012-May-19 - France Trip 2012 - Homps to Le Somail (Saturday)
Overcast in the morning progressing to windy and raining by the end of the day.

This took a pretty solid day's motoring but we had time to stop in at Argens Minervois to look at the old castle and then Roubia to look at the circular medieval streets.

I even managed to do a half decent job of backing the boat in to a mooring point in the little harbour.

There was a little café next to the jetty and off course everyone in the café was having a good watch as I struggled to control the boat.

After a walk around town, we decided that the café was the most reasonable source of a meal and sat down to a paela.

After that we pressed on to Le Somail and reached the Nicol boat moorings by 5.00 pm

Linda was driving at this stage and as we discussed where we should moor we overshot the mooring area.

Linda attempted to turn the boat around but finally realised it wasn't as easy as it looked, panicked, drifted towards other boats and then I took over.

I managed to execute a good turn but as soon as I attempted to reverse in to one of the spaces I completely lost control and started drifting off target badly.

This wasn't helped by another boat deciding to leave its moorings and heading straight towards me during my panic.

Plus another boat coming past from the opposite direction.

Eventually some people on shore called for Linda to throw them a stern line and with their help we managed to dock correctly (though I did almost manage to take someones head off while running the rope around a tree).

I found the Nicols boat office and they said we were fine where we were moored and told us how to connect to the water / power services.

Linda can't resist cleaning even on holidays

The castle at Argens Minervois