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2012-May-16 - France Trip 2012 - Carcassonne (Wednesday)
A fine sunny day all day.

We decided to stay in Carcassonne the whole day.

Firstly to look at the walled city and secondly to complete our supermarket shopping.

I was up a bit earlier than Linda and sat at the prow table looking out on the harbour for a while.

While Linda was getting going I popped in to the local Orange shop to recharge the Internet allowance on my phone.

They denied all knowledge of the 5 Eu for one week unlimited data and it wasn't until I came back later in the day armed with Linda's self assurance that we made any progress at all (strangely enough another couple from Perth walked in to the shop in the afternoon, just a couple of minutes after us, with the same problem)

I took advantage of the very strange water connector they had given us to hook our hose up to the water service and fill up the boat's water reservoir.

Next we caught the bus to the walled city.

We probably spent about 4 hours there - eating at a restaurant and gawking at all the streets.

Then the same bus back to the harbour again.

I worked away on these web pages while Linda took advantage of the laundry facilities for guests of the harbour.

View of the Carcassonne harbour from our boat

Inside the walled city

The local version of a cappuccino