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2010-Apr-6 - Our Place - Gas Delivery Truck runs through our fence
Well one advantage of living on a 5 acre block is that if someone goes through your fence they are unlikely to hit anything really valuable - maybe just a few trees.

I was working away at my desk in my home office when I saw, through my window, a visitor approaching our front door.

Thinking it was a courier with a package I went to the front door and met them as they arrived.

"I'm just letting you know that I've gone through your fence" he said.

It took me a moment to twig that he was telling me that his truck had rolled out of the driveway of the house opposite, gathered speed and gone straight through our fence.

"Well it's not the first time it's happened", I said - the first time we met those neighbours, the children in their car had released the hand brake and their car had done the same thing. (but being less substantial than a truck, their car had stopped at the fence).

All they broke that time was a cross spar and the wire / mesh - which the neighbour fixed up in his own time.

This time the truck had broken two cross spars, an upright, the mesh and run about 12 metres in to our block knocking down a few trees.

What was slightly concerning was that even at this low speed of impact, part of the gating had failed and a number of gas bottles had come off the truck. Fortunately they had just gone in to soft earth.

Apparently he had engaged the hand brake fully but the trucks provided by the central depot do not have air brakes. For a hilly suburb like Mundaring a hand brake is not always going to hold one of these vehicles on a sloping driveway, especially when they are loaded up with heavy gas bottles.

I felt really sorry for the driver - although he was keeping calm I could see that he was under a lot of pressure.

(He had methodically done all the right things - ordered a tow truck, contacted the property owner, recovered the loose bottles).

Also the vehicle did not look driveable as the front lights were broken on both sides.

So it had really messed up the schedule of the Mundaring KHG.

I spent the next few hours picking up broken glass (we have a lot of wild kangaroos travel through our block) and chainsawing the knocked down trees in to manageable portions.

Damage to the truck

Bottles lost off truck

Damage to our fence (and bottles lost off truck)