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9998 - WWOOFING - ..WWOOF projects at our place
Vegetable Patch

  • Clean up and level the wild part of the garden
  • Shovel in top soil and plant vegetables in raised beds
  • Organise reticulation to garden beds
  • Install 3 upright columns to carry overhead supports
  • Cut & weld water pipe to length & install for overhead supports More...
  • Install shade cloth / bird cloth on overhead supports
  • Loosely pave over weed cloth with recycled pavers

General Garden

  • Pour small section of concrete to support raised lawn area near water tank
  • Pour small section of soft mortar to finalise reticulation trench
  • Dig trench and reinstate water mains to workshop
  • New reticulation circuit for fruit trees on northern terrace (west side)
  • Level, reticulate and plant trees on northern terrace (east side)
  • Run reticulation from existing circuit to fruit trees (south side & old garden)
  • Compost around base of all fruit trees and mound up to retain water
  • Rebuild fence (has been eaten by termites - need to replace with jarrah)

General Yard

  • Build a wood shed next to garden shed
  • Collect all logs around property and store in wood shed
  • Collect up branches & twigs that may be a fire hazard
  • Install fire fighting sprinklers on workshop roof
  • Rake fire breaks
  • Dig out Watsonia (household ornamental plant that becomes a weed)
  • Rake up leaves on pathways and lawns
  • Repair paved paths (uneven from tree roots pushing them up)

Chicken Coop

  • Replace rotten timbers with steel pipe to make fox proof
  • Install old door and wall to make chickens feel safer
  • Run water pipe from workshop so water readily available
  • Install an upright column in the middle to support overhead mesh

General House

  • Shopping & cooking & washing up (not expected but could be a complete job for one person)
  • Sweep up leaves on paved areas
  • Repair to ceiling and wall plaster (ceiling was slumping & has been repaired)
  • Replace guttering
  • Paint veranda posts
  • Replace washers and seals in all taps
Native Animals
  • Build a new sheltered feeding station for the kangaroos
  • Put out feed for the native animals every day - kangaroos, possum, magpies, galahs
Computer Museum
  • Box up miscellaneous books
  • Record books in database that drives web site
  • Construct and reorganise shelving
  • Photograph and catalogue old computers in to database
  • Scan manuals in to pdf to help researchers around the world
New House Construction Wooroloo
  • Help Tony build a steel/timber frame house - 10 to 12 hours each Saturday (plus another 10 hrs elsewhere)
  • Denail floor boards and other timber
Caravan (eventually intended as overflow accommodation if someone is desperate for a bed)
  • Remove and replaced rotted structural timber and fix leaks
  • Strip bare and reline walls, paint, make attractive