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2008-Sep-3 - Our Place - Jacko hurt his beak
Jacko is a wild galah that probably escaped from his cage many years ago.

He appears to be the dominant bird in his group

He likes human company and approached Linda - sits on her shoulder and head and will now stay there as Linda walks in and out of the house

First turned up about 2 months ago - but on this day turned up with blood in his mouth

Arranged to take him to the vet as soon as we could grab him

Had a two day stay at the vet - antibiotics and monitoring until he could start eating grain again

Then Linda brought him home and released him

We were worried that he would never talk to us again (after grabbing him and putting him in a cage) - but he seems just as friendly - hopefully he understands that we were only trying to help him.

The vet said it looked like he had flown in to something and cut his tongue - but everything seems fine now.